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Dance lessons  and Dance Competition 2019

Swing Out Swindon Dance lessons


Saturday 1st June

11am Ringwood Marquee

3pm London Bus Marquee


Sunday 2nd June

11am Ringwood Marquee


Everyone welcome especially beginners



Friday 31st May

2pm -3.30pm in the Ringwood Brewery  Marquee


Learn how to Swing-out in style and perfect the three staple Lindy-Hop moves: the Swing-out, Lindy Turn & Lindy Circle with follower’s styling – swivels! You will need these moves if you are planning on joining us tomorrow for the Harvest Moon Ball routine!


You must be comfortable with dancing 8-count Lindy-Hop in a social environment and some experience with these moves would be helpful


Swing Dance Competition

All ages and abilities welcome!

•5pm – 5.30pm Registration

•5.30pm – 5.40pm Heat 1 – Jive

•5.40pm – 5.50pm Heat 2 – Lindy

(The top 2 couples from each heat will go through to the final)

•6.30pm Final – mixed

•6.50pm Results




Saturday 1st June in the London Bus Marquee

10.30am – 12pm Harvest Moon Ball Routine with The Swing Cats 


Come and learn an original partnered routine from the Golden Age of Swing! Capture the style and showmanship which made Lindy-Hop an iconic dance!


You must be comfortable dancing Swing-outs, Lindy Turns and Lindy Circles at a medium tempo (Swing-out class on Friday)



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The Show Girl Academy

Dance lessons


Saturday 1st June

2.15pm Dirty Dancing Class in the Ringwood Brewery Marquee


Travel back in time to the summer of 1963 & learn the iconic moves from the best dance film ever made


Grind, cha, cha, and merenge through the wonderful sound track as you relive some of the famous scenes....



Saturday 1st June

6pm Dance through the era's 50's 60's 70's 80's under the expert tuition of The Show Girl Academy.


Everyone welcome especially beginners